As gun violence in the city of Chicago continues to escalate, there are many of Chicagoans willing to come together to take a stance. So many times we hear that music is to blame for the violence within our youth culture, but with this project music is used as a solution.  Leo Burnett in partnership with Chicago Ideas reached out to several Chicago hip-hop artists to use music as a medium to combat the violence. Numerous artists responded including Common, King Louie, Herb, Katie Got Bandz, Saba, and Tree. A music video was created featuring these musicians laying down their verses that spoke up against the gun violence in the city. To involve the public, a website was created Anyone can go onto the site, download the beat (created by Twilight-Tone), add their 8-bar verse, and then upload it to site. Once their verse are approved it is uploaded and played following the featured video.
Video of the case study done on Music vs. Gunviolence project
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